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andrew bone drums

About Me

My name is Andrew.  I’m a drummer, producer, and production designer based out of Nashville.  I grew up in Kansas City but I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been in Nashville since 2012.  This is a great community of musicians and human beings in general.  I’m very happy to call it home. 


Building a lifestyle

There has never been a plan B.  I never once wondered what I wanted to do with my life.  I always say, if I ever stopped being a musician, doing what it is I do, the world would stop spinning.

I come from that school of “sidemen,” who move to a music city, or in this case the Music City, in hopes that they land the “big gig.” I’m of the generation where we were told, “Go to school, and then move to LA, New York, or Nashville.”  I knew nothing about country music.  I didn’t know a soul in this town.  It could be said that I ended up in Nashville on accident.  But I’ve been here a long time for someone my age, and I start way too many stories about Nashville with “I remember when…” I love this town.  I am so grateful to call it home. 

When you’re just a kid on their first night out in Nashville, it’s utterly overwhelming.  It’s sensory overload.  Full force Welcome to Nashville kid. But not in an intimidating way.  I met some incredibly generous and welcoming musicians when I got here.  And that’s the thing about Nashville, it’s real.  When you’re at an industry event, or a writer’s night, or just a bar down the street, you’re going to run into an old friend. And when you say, “let’s get lunch this week,” you actually do it.  That’s the most beautiful thing about this town.  This is a community of some of my favorite people in the world.

It was kind and gracious people who gave a kid who didn’t know a thing about country music time to learn.  And I’ve developed such an appreciation for that history and that art form.  It was kind and gracious people who let me be in a room when melodies were being written and revised. That’s what allowed me to begin to produce music.  Learning not just how to be a good drummer, or be the most ‘hirable’ sideman, but to actually be a musician in service of the song.  And I am fortunate now that singers and songwriters trust me enough to let me help them with music they want to make. 

In 2015 I met Josh Gallagher. He called one night, “I have a show, can you be here right now?”  I said no.  Thankfully he came back with “Well, how about Saturday?”  I’m fortunate to call him one of my best friends.  And we have been making music together ever since.  I’m excited to see where we go from here.

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